“Nights Collection” Saddle Pad Jumping Nougat

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“Nights Collection” Saddle Pad Jumping Nougat


Feel fabulous, Feel the difference with our “Nights Collection” Saddle Pad. Lined in our new innovative and powerful waffle fabric with Welltex® technology. Our waffle textile has the highest emissivity* values that has been made by us. This may provide your horse with better conditions for performance. Infrared energy can help your horse´s muscles to carry you as a rider. May help increase blood flow and relieve stiffness over the back and we hope that you and your horse will experience the difference. Two-layer filling for shock absorption and breathability. Made with our famous No I design to give the wither space and reduce pressure on the spine.

· Welltex® technology· Powerfull waffle textile· Elegant design· 2-layer filling· No I design· Tailored fit· Swedish design


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Nougat NC


Pony, Cob, Full

"Nights Collection" Saddle Pad Jumping Nougat

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